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On the 2nd June 2011 Brothers JIm Smythe and George Neale recieving their certificates for 40 years of membership from Past Provincial Director Bro Kevin Jennings and Bro President Tony Kleiser.



Group picture from the 80th Anniversary


Watford Circle was inaugerated on the 17th July 1928 and 80 years later, on the 17th July 2008 we had a grand celebration in the Police Sports Club in Bushey.

In the front row are: Bros Steve McQuinn (VP), Tony Kleiser (Secretary), Mark Kirwin (Provincial Councillor), Peter Webb (Provincial President), David Taylor, (Grand President), Ted Canavan (Watford President), Anthony Phillips (Provincial Director), David Curtis (Treasurer)

In the Back row are: Bros John Caneparo, Pat Dwyer, George Neale, Pat Sullivan, ??, Mike Fields, Alec Ray, ??, Bob Ryall, Kevin Jennings, Fred Parslow, Jim Smythe, Nick Garibaldi, Pat Carney, ??, Ray Hartley, John Evans, Derrick Edwards, Maurice Delaporte (Membership), Sean Hayse, Mervyn Mascarenhas.


Group picture from the 600th meeting


The years passed quickly, and soon enough it was time for the 600th Meeting. This picture shows Bro. Frank Davies, Bro. President Derek Denyer, two visiting dignitaries, Bro. Charles Rich, Bro. Jack Gallagher, Bro. Arthur Dyer and Bro. Myles MacCormack. November 1978.


Group picture from the 500th meeting


Brothers of the Watford Circle at the 500th Meeting.

On that day, May 8th 1970, at Top Rank in Watford, with Brother Clinton Gascoigne presiding, the 500th meeting took place.